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Hyderabad City President

Hi,Myself Muhammad Akram pursuing my mechanical engineering from Methodist college of engineering and technology.I am Excutive member of YOUTH AGAINST SPEED(NGO)& Hyderabad President of RED BOY’S FOUNDATION (NGO). I have started working in NGO’s from 2013 became part of this Two NGO’s and started Doing social awareness program’s. One of my biggest passion is to make Film’s i want to be a Film maker so i started my career making short film and my first short film was [26th January -A film on patriotism] This Film shows how a poor boy earns money from doing various work to celebrate 26th January. My 2nd film is [SPEED] Based on Accidents how accidents are occuring now a days and how can we control accidents and my upcoming project is on Drugs how youth is getting spoil by drugs. I got inspired by many social workers how they think about social cause inspite of being busy in they personal life so thought that i too should start working for social cause and work for humanity and Every Indian should concern about social cause and think about humanity . As our NGO’s work for Humanity,Women Empowerment,youth against speed, Drugs Free India, career counselling Etc Hope to Always Work for Social Awareness and Every Indian should come front for social cause.