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As per our observation most of the road accident in which someone meet to death is mostly because of the rush driving & ignorance of traffic rules especially by our youth who hardly care about the traffic laws & also not about the life of others as well as their own.

Many of the youngster drive without safety (helmets) and trying to jump redlight for no reason just to rech someplace without having in hurry.

Even in city like Delhi,Mumbai,Hyderabad their are so much awareness programs goes on regular basis & the traffic police also take care of everything so well but still there are is no of bunch of fools who never going to learn untill & unless they get to meet some life threatening injuries or goes behind the bar(Jail).

By keeping this all in mind 2 years back Red Boys Foundation Team with the association with Youth Against Speed started a campaign to give awareness to youth about deadly roads accidents.
As A Part Of #youthagainstspeed,
Red Boys Foundation Team Had Organised An Awareness Session About Road Accidents In Agripada BMC School By Showing Them Our Short Film Speed Directed By Mohammed Akram Hyderabad Red Boys Foundation President & Written By Shahnawaz Moosa Shaikh Co-Founder
Based On Road Accidents.